Life is what you make it.

It’s cliche I know.. but it’s true. Life is defintiely what you make it.

I have had so many lovely comments about my adventures of late, that it’s got me thinking. Am I lucky? I guess partly so, but at the same time, you are the owner of your own destiny, you make choices that lead you to where you are and for one final but equally true saying you control your own happiness.

I did however have a giggle when one of my friends asked me very seriously if I had recently won the lottery and was keeping it a giant secret… I had finished up at my job, dropped everything in an instant and went around the world not long after returning from a 2 week holiday, spent two weekends after returning from my round the world trip in beach front resorts and manage to find myself at the beach on a Friday, monday and even Wednesday morning… So I guess I know how it looks. This does make me reflect on how absolutely amazing the past few months.. well past couple of years of my life have been. I do understand that there are a set of circumstances that lead you to where you are.. the cards you are dealt have a big part of it.. BUT you choose what you do with them, you choose how to life your life. I choose to get my butt out there, make the most of every waking moment, find as many ways to get myself to the beach as possible, squish a tiny bit more happiness into each day and TRY with all my might to do it with a smile on my face (not quite every day, but as close to it as I can get).

oh and finally – time for me to stop ‘apologising for not posting more often.. I guess I never promised this to be a daily newspaper.. just a few intersting bits and bobs from my perspective.. if you want to hear about anything in particular, you are going to have to speak up and comment on the page….

So… off you all go -go and make your life amazing.