The Corner store and the Circus.

Wow – what a weekend that was. A long weekend to be precise (and yes it did include a cocktail named that too).

B took me to the circus. Not just any circus though, THE circus – Circ de Soleil! Ovo to be precise. And it was amazing. a very sweet little number about bugs, complete with many gymnasts doing interesting things with fake kiwi fruit and men walking up the walls. Like I said – AMAZING. Even after a few cocktails at Byblos Bar Hamilton. Their number is all about interesting cocktails, complete with rasberries, blueberries, Mt Tamborine lavender liqueur, Green Fairy Absinthe, rose petals and other amazing beverages (their full cocktail menu is on their website too!). Then, we found our way down to the tent.


So, after all that excitement, its very lucky that B and I had this morning off to recover. We trotted off to a new (to us – old to you perhaps) breakfast haunt – The Corner Store Cafe. This place was busy, even on a  chilly Brisbane Monday morning. Its a lovely little outdoor dining area – very modern and clean and white and cute – so far all the things I like in a breakfast place. It was complete with many middle class diners, a few uni students and a very delicious looking menu. Although there was many worthy options, there was no choice but to order the Corned Beef Hash. If I could break one writers rule (and I promise I will break many more in the future) I would re-use an already over-used word in this blog  – AMAZING.


It was as good as it looks – possibly even better. BUT it beat me – just.Image

No surprises, after all that – I’m off to the gym now.

Happy Monday 🙂