Small things that you appreciate when travelling!

Sorry I haven’t posted on these last two stops, wifi has been average at best. Ill try to fill you in on London and New York soon.

I’ve just checked out of my hotel and the long journey home commences. It did get me thinking as I was having my last shower for a couple of days (!?!?!!?!) the small things you appreciate when you are travelling, especially when you are travelling solo. The first and possibly the most obvious:

– A good, shower, it doesn’t even need to be a hot one.
– A smiley face
– closing your suitcase easily first try
– checking the weight of your bag as you check in and realising it’s way under (or just over and you get away with it!)
– phone calls and text messages from loved ones
– trustworthy strangers
– People you meet from your home town
– catching local transport successfully
– paying for something in foreign currency without looking like a tourist
– full charge on your electronic devices
– a spare seat next to you on the plane
– when a new line opens up for you in… Well anywhere…
– sleep (at the right place and in the right time zone)
– seeing your favourite brands from home being celebrated by locals (aka billabong, Kathmandu, vegemite and Aussie and kiwi wine!)
– being told by foreigners that Aussies are the friendliest people in the world
– vegetables
– clean feet.
– Walking on the right side of the pavement/sidewalk/staircase without causing chaos with the locals (picture peak hour in grand central station in NYC, where 700 thousand commuters pass through each day and me walking on the ‘Aussie’ side.. Whoopsie)

And last but not least, as amazing as it is to travel and see the world, going home day is always something to cherish. See home soon!