New Years Revelations

Welcome to 2015! Have you remembered yet to write it correctly? I mastered this today and was chuffed with myself. But let’s talk about something a little more serious – New Years Resolutions. Do you believe in them? Do you make them? Moreso, do you actually follow them?

I’m pro-New Years Resolutions, mostly because it can be a great way to make a public promise to yourself about something. I don’t tend to go for anything too serious though… Nothing noble like other peoples are:

– Be nicer to people

– Call my loved ones more often’ (this SHOULD be mine this year!)

– Exercise more often blah blah blah.

I’m a big fan for setting myself up for success – something achievable like:

– Put my washing away the day OF washing it

– Practice drinking beer and liking it (practice practice practice)

– Finish watching the whole series of Vikings before the 31st January

– Finally hang my IKEA prints I bought 3 years ago

– Or my ongoing problem ‘ensure I remove nail polish when it starts to chip

You know all things that WILL make my life better, but also make me feel like I have achieved something – these are big commitments for a self confessed non-goal setter.

Anyway, I didn’t blow the dust off my blog site and get you to come all this way to tell you I have already achieved this years goal of using all my milk before the used-by date (tick!) but I’ve been chatting with a darling friend of mine today about how we feel about the New year and that just because the date on the calendar has changed that we somehow think that our abilities and whole persona changes. I mean, if we didn’t know that the new year was here, would we think any differently?

It’s great if you use it to add more positivity to your life, I support this whole heartedly, however I’ve noticed that lots of people feel the pressure of the New Year. Pressure to start making plans for the year, set goals and resolve issues that caused them grief last year. The reality is, that just because you’ve put that shiny new christmas gift calendar up on the wall and vowed to only use your favourite colour coordinated pens and keep it looking perfectly neat with matching hand writing (which works well until your partner decides to write plans that aren’t 100% confirmed in blue pen not black pen and then later on scratches them out with no regard for your big important NY resolution) the only real change is a different set of numbers. You don’t somehow get the super powers to change and resolve things that you couldn’t do last year, or the year before and sometimes you are left feeling negative because you didn’t achieve it. Furthermore, if you are currently facing circumstances that take away your ability to make plans and set goals this can leave you feeling a bit deflated about the arrival of the NY that you have nothing to look forward to. Your holidays are over for god knows how long and all you can see on your perfectly neat calendar are the usual events of work and weekends with no plans to excite you.

So, what I’m saying here is if you are feeling the positivity of the New Year and hitting the gym everyday and pretending to like salad, then 10 points to you, keep it up and please tell me all about it! (and pop by again in a few months and update me on your progress please!) If you are on the other side of the fence and wanting to poison the salad dressing of your inspired companions, then don’t let this get to you – just keep your mind in the same place it was at the end of 2014, when it was ok with your current situation and you were reflecting on the happiness you felt in the year and all that you achieved (be it with or without a 2014 resolution). Get your preferred calendar pen out and (carefully) cross out the date and keep December going – cause it doesn’t really matter as long as you stay happy.

Happy December 39th people!

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