The peacefulness of a foreign country

I’m currently sitting in a beautiful little cafe in urban Paris. It has blue walls, pretty lights, white umbrella’s and sweet mismatched tables and chairs. It is at the bottom of a pretty staircase that takes you to the metro and us are traditional Parisian apartment blocks… It’s postcard perfect.

To complete the picture, I am surrounded completely by locals. It is happy hour and it’s also Bastille day, so they are here, drinking, smoking and chatting away in French. There is an engaged couple who are holding hands across the table and lean across every few minutes to kiss, it’s like there is nobody here but them.

They are all so beautifully dressed, in a way that only French people dress – effortlessly beautiful. They are so comfortable with who they are and what they are about. The waiter is dressed exactly as you imagine, complete with circular glasses.

I am here all on my own and only the slightest chance of conversation if somebody decides to suddenly embrace the English language for a moment.. But I don’t mind. I am enjoying my ‘quiet time’. It’s peaceful and un stressful. Whilst I miss my loved ones terribly and wish badly they were here to share it with me, it leaves me to sit and watch and absorb. To watch the Parisians go about their daily life. Interacting with each other, their body language. Noticing what is the same as at home and what is different. Isn’t that what travel is all about?



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