The Muddiness continues…

Do things happen in three’s? If so, I need to watch out… I have had my second run in with mud. This time, it was a puddle of it.

I was walking along, minding my own business texting loved ones in a very dark, grassy paddock used for carparking and out of the blue SPLASH.. I am knee deep in a mud puddle with a shocked and mud splashed face (and back, hair, tummy, legs) I can tell you, I was anything but expressionless. I did somehow manage to not fall over OR drop my phone in the puddle.

See Exhibit A:

Muddy Puddle


So, once I decided I was ok.. all I could do was giggle. Shame nobody else got to witness my funny little incident.. it surely would have brightened ones day.

Anything funny happen to you all lately that made you giggle?



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