The Muddiness continues…

Do things happen in three’s? If so, I need to watch out… I have had my second run in with mud. This time, it was a puddle of it.

I was walking along, minding my own business texting loved ones in a very dark, grassy paddock used for carparking and out of the blue SPLASH.. I am knee deep in a mud puddle with a shocked and mud splashed face (and back, hair, tummy, legs) I can tell you, I was anything but expressionless. I did somehow manage to not fall over OR drop my phone in the puddle.

See Exhibit A:

Muddy Puddle


So, once I decided I was ok.. all I could do was giggle. Shame nobody else got to witness my funny little incident.. it surely would have brightened ones day.

Anything funny happen to you all lately that made you giggle?



My Mug on the Telly.. covered in mud.

That’s right. I had to work for it… and work hard. So hard I was tired for days and days and days (so tired, I havent been able to blog about it till now :). It was one of the toughest and most rewarding things I have done EVER. I LOVED IT.

So… I trotted along to an obstacle course training session run by Gold Coast based Terrain Training. I was put onto it by a friend and to be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect – there was one clue I should have looked out for though and she warned me to wear something old… ‘something that can get muddy’… she said… UH OH.

Not surprising, it rained heavily the morning as I arrived and I laughed to myself when I was jumping out of the car and that I bothered with my umbrella…

Before I knew it, I was dragging myself through the mud on my hands and knees pushing a tyre up a hill….I quickly gave into the mud and dropped myself right in it. I can safely say, I’m so glad I did.. playing in the mud is so much fun! I scaled a 2.5 metre wall, climbed under AND over a cargo net, (attempted) the rope climb, balanced my way across a tight rope, bear walked, push up-ed, burpee-ed my way through 2 hours of exhausting and rewarding fun.

It started like this:

Dragging Tyres

Cargo nets are harder much harder than they look – I was FREAKING….

Cargo Net Climb

and this is some of the other stuff we got up to. Steph monkey bars Rope Climb

all while the camera crew from the Great South East TV show filmed us…. did I mention it was raining, I was covered in mud and my hair managed to get plastered to my head? Always the conditions you want when being filmed 🙂

So, what’s the point? Terrain Training is an outdoor fitness company who run these mobile obstacle courses which sprung up as a way to train for ‘Tough Mudder’, ‘True Grit’ and other competitions. They also hold them for team bonding activities and for general fitness.

I was a total beginner at most of these activities and even though I get myself to the gym a few times a week I found this very challenging, BUT very much achievable. I wasn’t the only beginner there and the team were there to help every step of the way. I honestly can say it was some of the best fun I have had in a long time and would recommend it to anybody who wants to give it a go. I might even go as far as saying that ‘training in the mud is now on my list of things I love’……

I couldn’t get the video to work unfortunately.. but you can find it on the Terrain Training Facebook page: 

Their website is: