I’ve got that Summer Feelin’

I am currently suffering from an overdose of happy endorphins. I woke up with the sunshine and because of mother natures consistent bad behaviour  recently (that which a sullen teenager would be very proud of), I was very excited to see the sun was out and shining hard! So B and I bounced out of bed, summoned our bikes and hit the road. It was a perfect, clear sunny morning and the water here at Caloundra was perfect, glassy and not a breath of wind. We found hills we weren’t looking for, which made for a pretty tough 30km cycle, but we worked hard on the way out and then found a cruise along the beachfront home – if you have never been to Shelly Beach here on the Sunshine Coast, you should get yourself there immediately. It’s one of those lovely sheltered beaches where the grass rolls into the sandy beach, the waves are as relaxing as the morning sunshine just lulling in and gently crashing into the shore. Everybody who has bothered to get up at that time of the morning are just as we were, taking in the very special atmosphere and counting their blessings… life really is very special in this part of the world.  This is what it looked like:

Shelly Beach QLD Shelly Beach, QLD Shelly Beach QLD


We trotted off home and met our loved ones and decided we would soak up a little more of the sunshine and paddle across the passage at Golden Beach to Bribie Island. B and I were in a boat (sorry if there is a more technical term for the TYPE of boat) together and what I lack in technique when it comes to paddling and oars, I make up with enthusiasm  (picture it…). We all made it over alive and without injury and to my complete surprise, none of us fell in – I know – I was impressed too. What we found over there was more crystal clear water with waves to lull about in. The 4 heavenly swims we had more than made up for the biggest fright I’ve ever had when we walked back through some less than clear water and I stood on ‘something’ in the water … this ‘something’ got just as much of a fright as I did and I think it ran (or swam) sideways just as fast as I did – though I think I won in competition for the best blood curdling scream.

We rounded off the morning with a good game, some drinks and some of the best lamb I’ve ever had (and I have had some amazing lamb), slow cooked for 6 hours and covered in the most delicious sauce anybody has ever had.

Everybody is ‘guts up’ as we call it now and we are waiting for the summer storm to hit. This has been the summers day I’ve been hanging out for months to have which is a relief as I consider Easter to be our farewell to summer – it’s last hurrah before winter comes.. otherwise known in sunny Queensland as non-swimming weather.

What are you up to this easter?

“I almost wish we were butterflies and liv’d but three summer days – three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.” John Keats


One thought on “I’ve got that Summer Feelin’

  1. Lovely to read your voice honey! It has been overcast here in Port but that is no excuse not to make waves to the beach – that’s what I’ve been doing! Shelly looks beautiful and I will defs be riding my bike her way next time I’m in Caloundra – weather permitting. Glad you’ve had a beautiful one. Feelings of envy emerged when I read about the lamb dinner, may fave red meat… jelly to the max. Hope the storm doesn’t hit you too hard this evening and enjoy the rest of your Easter long weekend!

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