Fixing a bit of Grumpiness

As much as we like to pretend, none of us are 100% happy 100% of the time. Every now and then we all get a little grumpy and sometimes you have to let yourself be. Go through the motions and spit yourself off the ride as quickly and painlessly as possible with as little impact to loved ones as possible and perhaps a few heartfelt apologies if your cheer up strategy doesn’t work as quickly as you hoped.

Here is my scenario. B and I are driving along in the car. I am driving, he is the passenger. We are both quiet, I suspect I may be a little grumpy, so I am trying to stick to small talk, nothing risky while I work it out. A car is in the right hand lane next to me. Just an ordinary, white car. In it are ordinary people doing ordinary things. I’m annoyed by it. I’m not sure why I’m annoyed by it, but thats because there is no WHY. There is no justifiable reason for me to be annoyed by it other than the fact that it is there.  It’s confirmed, I am not just grumpy, but unjustifiably grumpy.

The potential for irrationality is high. This could end badly and my potential victim is B – the last person who deserves to cop the brunt of cyclone Les while he is just sitting quietly enjoying a lovely friday afternoon. But instead, I think that this irrational grumpiness…well it’s actually pretty funny. So I tell him. I just put it out there. Perhaps initially as a warning – ie don’t make any sudden movements or we are both at risk…

“I think I’m Grumpy” I say.

Logical, calm B says “At anything in particular?”.

“Pretty much everything in general, but that car next to us especially”. Then we both start laughing. Immediately my grumpiness fades, not to be seen again for the rest of the evening and the car goes back to just being a car. A regular car, nothing demonic about it. Grumpiness is fixed and bonus we have a really good giggle.

How do you cheer yourself up?


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