The R Word and interesting jobs

What’s your favourite R Word? Romance? Ritz? (sun) Ray’s? At the moment, I’m a bit focused on two R words. Sadly, they are not my favourites, but they visit from time to time. Redundancy and Rollercoaster.

Well, they are calling it a Restructure. Don’t mistake what I’m saying, it’s Required. It’s a good change for the Role and I’m excited for them. I’ll stop with the R thing now 😉

It’s important to remember when these things happen that it’s not personal. They have done it the fair way to make the change that they need to make. They did not single people out and it’s not a reflection of performance. There are positions there which I am welcome to apply for, which are similar to my role, but with a few things tweaked. BUT I see this as an opportunity!

I can 100% honestly say I love my job and I am very grateful to be able to say that. I come home knowing that the work that we do contributes to the lives of real people and helps to save their lives. It’s also wonderful to work with the kindest, selfless members of our community. People who give up their time to give to somebody they don’t even know – it’s goosebumps stuff and I’m proud to say I’ve worked hard for the past 2 years and been very blessed to contribute to that.

Sometimes it’s good to be given a reason to jump up and get moving. To have a quick look left and a quick look right and take another step. It’s exciting times, hop on the rollercoaster and see where it spits me out. (hopefully a tiny bit closer to home, because I can find a number of more inspiring and creative things to do above staring at and following the back of somebody else’s car twice a day!).

A quick sub note on the Rollercoaster word. Although I am totally ok with what is happening and I am optimistic as always, there are a few minor downs. It’s a bit stressful and tiring and exhausting and it’s ok to be a little bit sad and frustrated with it for a bit, but that’s also what motivates you to do something about it – there is the silver lining!

I have found some funny jobs in my searching. This morning it was ‘Professional Tree Climber’, ‘Lifestyle Advisor’, ‘Fan Development’. Wonder what kind of fun job title I can get myself?

If you are reading, I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever been made redundant? I’m sure it all turned out ok for you – so please share your experience and help keep me on the up of my rollercoaster 🙂 Also, wish me luck with my interview this morning – hope I like them and the feeling is mutual 🙂


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