Everything is just wonderful.

Another weekend has passed and although there are no big trips, big adventures or fancy photos to report and I was missing my B (he is off saving lives in another location this week) but I still had a truly lovely weekend.

It was one of those very well balanced weekends, time for housework, time for a sleep-in, time for nice food, time for a glass of wine and a gossip, but most of all, good times with my loved ones.

Feeling especially grateful for my ‘old friends’ , their lovely kids (especially the free affection they hand out) and the little things. Sunshine, stunning sunsets, good wine, big smiles and goddaughters who just about squeal with delight when they realise you are still there the next morning. These things are some of life’s most wonderful thing that I’m very lucky to have.

We were treated with some moreton bay Sand Crabs caught by one of my non-crab loving friends (I cannot recommend more highly that you all get some of these kinds of friends). The best recipe I’ve had for sand crab is serve with fresh bread, lemon, good white wine and loved ones (it’s spoilt without the final ingredient).

I hope that you are all having a lovely time and stopping to enjoy the wonderful things in your world too.


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