Boonah Cries for Blood

It certainly was not your ordinary Saturday morning.

I don’t know if I told you all, but I (am proud to) work for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. My Job, is to use all the clever bits and bobs I learnt about marketing during my time at QUT to make sure that little Donormobile 1 has plenty of good healthy happy donors to collect blood from. It’s all about awareness and education

This year, I’m working on a little campaign in one of my favourite little QLD country Towns – Boonah! It’s a lovely old school little town around an hour and a half from the Gold Coast in an area known as the Scenic Rim. If you aren’t from around these parts, you can check it out here .

There are a few things I like about Boonah. Which firstly include the lovely views on the drive in – as you head into town, you are greeted by the stunning mountains that stand guard over the town. It has a little brook that surrounds the town and it’s very picturesque.

Secondly I love the creative little cafe’s that are opening up in the main street. I have to name them all – in no particular order – The Story Tree which has a lovely little cosy ‘nook’ out the back, Great Coffee at Harry’s cafe and finally creative little Urban Seed . Most of all though, I love the people. They are so super supportive and it’s a truly vibrant community which is all about it’s people.

But enough about that – it’s not every day you get to meet a town crier – but today I didn’t just get to meet him, he did a ‘Cry’ for us! John Deeks is a retired Police Officer who fits the bill perfectly! As soon as he arrived all dressed in his suit, with his bell and his scroll I thought – how great is this?!?

To make sure everybody knows it’s all about Saving lives we brought the Blood Service Mascot ‘Billy the Blood Drop’ along to help John out. As you can see from the pics below Billy had a great time hanging out with John. John did a few ‘Cries’ and being Saturday morning, he had a great audience. Lots of people were keen to hear what he had to say – not that you could miss it, he holds a record for the loudest Cry.

So OYEZ, OYEZ, OYEZ enjoy the pics:

Billy the Blood Drop Meets John Deeks

Billy The Blood Drop Meets John Deeks

Crying For BloodCrying to Save Lives

WHAT – only 1 in 30 Aussies Donate blood?What - only 1 in 30 Aussies Donate Blood?

A Champion Town Crier
'Here ye, here ye'

So, what are you up to for the rest of the weekend?So, what do you have on for the weekend?

Billy Might need to go on a diet!Billy Needs to go on a diet!


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