How to survive a heatwave

It’s been hot to say the least here on the Gold Coast. When it stops me from doing the domestics, serious intervention is required. What do we do? Head to our favourite beaches STAT! This is no easy decision as I have many favourite beaches.. But top of the list is Brunswick Heads – a super lovely little hideaway on the very northern tip of New South Wales – it’s affectionately known by me and my loved ones (and likely others) as ‘Bruns’

As soon as we drove into town my happiness scale shot to the roof. It’s not quite a hippie town, but almost. There were people EVERYWHERE – wandering on the walking bridge, spilling out of cafe’s, squeezed into the ice-cream shop, sprawled out on the grass, perched on veranda’s, floating in the crystal clear waters of the river, squished up together under beach umbrella’s, dawdling five across on the rickety old car bridge, cuddling up to their beverages in the famous pub, snoozing under trees and of course lulling about in the ocean. This is what I love about Bruns. It does public space well. It’s everybody’s town and there is space for you all. It’s especially nice because even on one of the hottest days of the year, it still has that lovely happy, harmonious, sunny, chilled out vibe.

So what did we do to cool down? We wandered on the walking bridge, had lunch in the cafe, enjoyed an ice-cream, floated in the beautiful beautiful beautiful crystal clear water in the river, played in the surf, shopped the shops and couldn’t leave without something on tap at the pub.

Here are the visuals:Wandering on the bridge in Bruns

Main Stree of Bruns

Brunswick heads

Brunswick heads


Brunswick heads

Brunswick heads

'The Jetty' - Brunswick Heads Hotel Brunswick DSC_0678 The car bridge brunswick headsBrunswick Heads DSC_0469 DSC_0579 DSC_0647 DSC_0651 Brunswick Heads



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