Life and death at the beach

No, it’s not what you think. I was not faking a drowning to be rescued by the hot lifesaver and no, this is not a post to make you feel guilty about not wearing sunscreen (if you thought it was, you mistook me for somebody much more serious and responsible)
, but I did nearly die at the beach…well, I perhaps I COULD have died… really.

So, I was laying on the beach at Burleigh Heads thinking about how great it is that it seems to be raining everywhere else in Queensland EXCEPT where I am laying on the Gold Coast which was totally unexpected and wonderful (sorry, I diverse), enjoying the sunshine and my free mag from the gym (my favourite mag’s are free mags! and I diverse again.. back to the life and death thing….) and all of a sudden I catch somebody’s runaway beach umbrella right between my knees.. and it’s important to be quite precise about which body part I caught it with, because it was my knees and thank goodness no further north. So anyway, back to how it could of killed me – With wide and confused eyes, I realised it’s shiny pointy metal end was only about 10 centimeters from my face ! I know, I was scared too. And Grateful… It all happened so fast, I didn’t even get a chance to note what colour it was (which is always the question any girl will ask with any topic of conversation… ‘I got a new car’ – ‘nice, what colour is it?’ … ‘I painted the house’ ‘Excellent, what colour did you choose’… ‘I am wearing my new dress’.. ‘awesome, what colour is that again’…..)

I thought about calling this post ‘when beach umbrellas ATTACK’, but that would have given away the ending of my story (and god knows, I do that all the time!). So, after I sat up and looked around to make sure a few people saw what the hell just happened, I celebrated being in the land of the living with a juice from my all time favourite juice bar at the little green grocer – if you haven’t tried one of their juices, you really should because they taste amazing – especially after a near death experience.

This isnt my hand and it isnt my beautiful image, so I want to thank the and acknowledge the author of another lovely blog (honestly – its a great blog!) because I am not usually in the business of stealing images, but I have to show you how great they are:

It has got me thinking a little about these sorts of disasters. So of course, I popped it into youtube and this is what came up:

Tell me about your near death experience.


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