How to survive a heatwave

It’s been hot to say the least here on the Gold Coast. When it stops me from doing the domestics, serious intervention is required. What do we do? Head to our favourite beaches STAT! This is no easy decision as I have many favourite beaches.. But top of the list is Brunswick Heads – a super lovely little hideaway on the very northern tip of New South Wales – it’s affectionately known by me and my loved ones (and likely others) as ‘Bruns’

As soon as we drove into town my happiness scale shot to the roof. It’s not quite a hippie town, but almost. There were people EVERYWHERE – wandering on the walking bridge, spilling out of cafe’s, squeezed into the ice-cream shop, sprawled out on the grass, perched on veranda’s, floating in the crystal clear waters of the river, squished up together under beach umbrella’s, dawdling five across on the rickety old car bridge, cuddling up to their beverages in the famous pub, snoozing under trees and of course lulling about in the ocean. This is what I love about Bruns. It does public space well. It’s everybody’s town and there is space for you all. It’s especially nice because even on one of the hottest days of the year, it still has that lovely happy, harmonious, sunny, chilled out vibe.

So what did we do to cool down? We wandered on the walking bridge, had lunch in the cafe, enjoyed an ice-cream, floated in the beautiful beautiful beautiful crystal clear water in the river, played in the surf, shopped the shops and couldn’t leave without something on tap at the pub.

Here are the visuals:Wandering on the bridge in Bruns

Main Stree of Bruns

Brunswick heads

Brunswick heads


Brunswick heads

Brunswick heads

'The Jetty' - Brunswick Heads Hotel Brunswick DSC_0678 The car bridge brunswick headsBrunswick Heads DSC_0469 DSC_0579 DSC_0647 DSC_0651 Brunswick Heads



Life and death at the beach

No, it’s not what you think. I was not faking a drowning to be rescued by the hot lifesaver and no, this is not a post to make you feel guilty about not wearing sunscreen (if you thought it was, you mistook me for somebody much more serious and responsible)
, but I did nearly die at the beach…well, I perhaps I COULD have died… really.

So, I was laying on the beach at Burleigh Heads thinking about how great it is that it seems to be raining everywhere else in Queensland EXCEPT where I am laying on the Gold Coast which was totally unexpected and wonderful (sorry, I diverse), enjoying the sunshine and my free mag from the gym (my favourite mag’s are free mags! and I diverse again.. back to the life and death thing….) and all of a sudden I catch somebody’s runaway beach umbrella right between my knees.. and it’s important to be quite precise about which body part I caught it with, because it was my knees and thank goodness no further north. So anyway, back to how it could of killed me – With wide and confused eyes, I realised it’s shiny pointy metal end was only about 10 centimeters from my face ! I know, I was scared too. And Grateful… It all happened so fast, I didn’t even get a chance to note what colour it was (which is always the question any girl will ask with any topic of conversation… ‘I got a new car’ – ‘nice, what colour is it?’ … ‘I painted the house’ ‘Excellent, what colour did you choose’… ‘I am wearing my new dress’.. ‘awesome, what colour is that again’…..)

I thought about calling this post ‘when beach umbrellas ATTACK’, but that would have given away the ending of my story (and god knows, I do that all the time!). So, after I sat up and looked around to make sure a few people saw what the hell just happened, I celebrated being in the land of the living with a juice from my all time favourite juice bar at the little green grocer – if you haven’t tried one of their juices, you really should because they taste amazing – especially after a near death experience.

This isnt my hand and it isnt my beautiful image, so I want to thank the and acknowledge the author of another lovely blog (honestly – its a great blog!) because I am not usually in the business of stealing images, but I have to show you how great they are:

It has got me thinking a little about these sorts of disasters. So of course, I popped it into youtube and this is what came up:

Tell me about your near death experience.

Let’s get the sunshine

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.”
― Edith Lovejoy Pierce

I love the Gold Coast. Especially over the holidays. It’s so nice to see people getting outside, spending time on the beach, enjoying time with family, using their beach houses, opening their doors to welcome in the beautiful fresh sea air and stunning sunshine. Even despite the husband or wife who was dragged down to the beach and bring his visitor the hangover with him – there are still so many happy smiley faces – its nice to see the optimisim on everybody’s faces. The smile of oppourtunity  for the coming year on their faces shining through their tiredness from the night before. But really, how can you not smile when you are at the beach, the waves are good, you have soaked yourself in the salt water and the sun is out in it’s full glory – I know I had a pretty big smile on my face  looking at this view (no editing – the water really was that blue today 🙂

Elephant Rock, Gold Coast, Queensland

Elephant Rock, Gold Coast, Queensland

We had a lovely get-together last night to welcome in the new year. A few special loved ones, punch and a sausage sizzle – what more could you ask for? B and I both against odds made it up to Midnight. Glad we did too, not just because our friends might not have liked us as much if we didn’t, but also because we could see the fireworks from our backyard – I know exciting right ?

So, in other interesting news, we are all booked in for our first camping trip of 2013 ! It’s at the beach… which is excellent because I am seriously considering making my new years resolution to squeeze as much beach time into 2013 as possible, so 3 whole sleeps at the beach should help me clock up a bit of time with my big blue friend the ocean.

What’s your New Years Resolution?