Arriving in bali it wasn’t long before we were confronted with the heat, humidity and South east Asia. The driver of the Tarmac bus swerved to miss a suitcase that fell off a luggage carousel which was promptly picked up by a guy on a bike.

After an uneventful trip through customs, we were picked up by our transfer driver and trekked through the streets in our air conditioned mini bus. Watching all the usual Asian behaviours – cars everywhere, whole families on mopeds, mopeds sharing the footpath with pedestrians. Aussies wandering the streets adorned with bintang singlets, Balinese men sitting on the sidewalks, hawkers selling everything from handbags, clothes, knives, dildos, Viagra and tasers. When we arrived at our resort (after a search by the gate security) in legian, it really was a haven.

The Padma resort is a highly recommended sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the streets. We dumped our bags and headed for the beach so I could ‘earth’ myself – I need to get my feet in the water and reconnect with the ocean ( this was not as pleasant in queenstown in winter as it was in bali!). After a swim in the pool and a few (!) free cocktails in the VIP lounge, I realised why Aussies flock here – it’s paradise in its own right. Anything goes, we can do and have anything we want here.

Today we have dedicated to a bit of shopping – but here is a taste of my favourite topic – breakfast! It’s as interesting as I hoped. Western breakfast is there, but so are the curries and noodles and tapioca porridge and tropical fruits ( yellow watermelon!) and soups and I suspect anything I would care to dream up, they would get for me. So here is some pics from this morning! Yes I had curry and pancakes on the same plate and yes this is corned beef hash – I know I was excited too!




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