How to make Leslie happy on Saturday morning

This is one of the easiest recipes you will ever read.

Ingredient 1 – sleep in (7am is a sleep in right – or is that when you know you are a grown up?)

Ingredient 2 – coffee

Ingredient 3 – breakfast

This is the most exciting part. Prep with lovely fresh ingredients AND serve:

Ingredient 4: plans with loved ones for the rest of the weekend!

What’s on your agenda this weekend?


Surprise midweek luxury

To celebrate the return of the serendipians from their amazing overseas adventure (they galavanted all over America and had a bloody good time!) they were in desperate need of some good quality Aussie Tucker. Sad to hear reports that the food was less than amazing in the USA.

So, I got a phone call from N at 3.30pm to see if I was available for a hot date tonight. I consulted the diary (and rearranged my long list of other hot dates 😉 and was pleased to be able to RSVP with a yes please!!! We were booked and rearing to go to theMarriott resort and spa, surfers paradise

I even wore heels – it’s that kind of establishment (if you feel like making it one) AND I blow dried my hair!!! My taste buds (Non – also known as taste bubbles) were treated to champage, beautiful prawns, oysters (natural, Kirkpatrick AND mornay), moreton bay bugs, crab, scallops, roasts, sashimi salmon, amazing salads, yum char, pork belly, beautiful fresh veggies, curries ect AND even 10 different kinds of salts. Don’t even start me on dessert!

In other news – it’s Melbourne Cup day – the race that stops the nation, or in the corporate world ‘the at work public holiday where you get drunk before lunch cause the race is so long after what is actually lunch time’ then followed by the day of the most sick leave in the year. We don’t celebrate melb cup day really at the blood service, but whilst I won’t get frocked up this year – I might make sure I wear an ironed shirt! Yep, it’s a special day 🙂

Loving all this midweek luxury – spoilt!

The White Picket Fence

I moved house. Well, I guess I three quarter moved house, cause three quarters of my crap hasn’t yet found it’s new place in our new home. It’s hard work blending two homes into one (though totally worth it). At one point I found myself asking B ‘Now which MELON BALLER do you want to keep’.

So, seeing as we now have a white picktt fence, I thought I should pop my apron on and rekindle my baking career. I honestly cannot tell you how long it’s been. I saw the Banana’s sitting there getting more and more like a Dalmation each day and decided I would whip together a banana bread. In the many moves of this little gypsy, it seems I have misplaced my loaf tin – so banana bread muffins it was! I was a little excited because I even used proper vanilla beans from a pod! VERY tasty – I don’t usually eat much sweet food, but I even had two while they were cooling – it was lucky I did, because then they could all pose for a pyramid photo.

After that – I whipped up a roast veggie and fetta frittata. I don’t follow a frittata recipe because thats just the way I roll. It’s ready and waiting now for a special breakfast with some returning loved ones who have been off having an adventure in the US of A – exciting!

AND now, be careful not to fall off your chair’s with shock, surprise and jealousy (except if you are on the bus, cause that would be very funny), but I also threw a curry into the slow cooker in a moment that my slow cooking loved one B would be very excited about. I would have taken a pic of that too, but lets face it, slow cooker food isn’t always the most attractive what with all the splattered bits of sauce burnt to the side of the dish (it seems a little over the top to photoshop photos of food?). I also have misplaced my SLR in the move – if you see it getting around – please send it back my way.

Today has been an exciting day. I spent some quality time enjoying my lovely new (white picket fenced back yard), popped my new fancy umba-rella-ella (thank you Rhianna) caught up with my beautiful friend Lou for Breakfast, enjoyed my first swim in my new pool AND enjoyed a lovely pink sunset (full round of applause to mother nature).

If you think it can’t get better – I am also enjoying the commencement of the hourly countdown of the S Tour of Aus. S – it’s been too long between bake coughs – today was dedicated to you 🙂

What have you all been entertaining your lovely selves with this Saturday?