The un-accidental foodie

We are the un-accidental foodie here at Serendip today. We trotted off to the home of the rich and famous in Brisbane – otherwise known as the James St Markets and treated ourselves to a basket of goodies (and a smoothie). Other than the usual gourmet goodies one would expect (Triple cream brie, Gouda, Sourdough (courtesy of French Twist!) big bright red strawberries and perfect blemish free bananas) – there was this little delight asking us to taste it! What is Fetta Thyme you say? Well, I’m not entirely sure, but it was delicious and I felt very gourmet and trendy eating it. I mean who doesn’t want to be a little bit french on a Public Holiday?Image

So we put all of the haul together as follows, teamed it with a Pinot Noir and I kicked B’s butt at Cards (Euchre AND 2 handed 500 – dont worry I have kept my title of Australasian Champ – and B even tried to cheat!)Image

So – if you thought it couldn’t get any better than that – there is still dinner to come. Crispy pork belly with roasted apples. Stay tuned – I will post a pic when B has finished his masterpiece.

Its a bit of a celebration here before B goes back to the mines and am forced to miss him. But really who needs an occasion.



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