Things I love # 4 – Hot water

They say ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ OR slightly closer to my heart right now, the wise words of Diesel ‘you never miss your water till you’re dry’. Yep – I am absolutely loving hot water right now, because I got none….

So, I found a very un-credible quote saying that nearly half the worlds population doesn’t even have access to clean drinking water at all and here I am complaining about a few days where HOT water doesn’t magically appear from my tap.  But all I can say is, you should never underestimate how real your own world is… and when I stepped into the shower yesterday morning, mid winter (yes even in Brissy it would have been <10 degrees) those little droplets of water felt like tiny icicles on my skin – it was VERY real.

First I tried standing pressed up against the shower wall and splashing the  evil little icicles on me – I even attempted washing my hair – not so successfully (especially if you are to ask anybody I came across that morning – not a pretty sight) After this I have gone to alot of trouble not to have to relive this moment – including driving an hour to B’s house to have a shower last night and I’m seriously considering heading to the gym for an early morning workout, just to enjoy a hot shower (even a communal hot shower is better than no hot shower!)…. so this for anybody who knows what a terrible morning person I am – is a huge deal.

So, its making me appreciate how lovely it is to have a lovely warm hot shower and that I am lucky to have been born in the half of the world that has both clean water and hot water (most of the time). A hot shower fixes everything – tiredness, coldness, dirty-ness, sickness, hungover-ness… the list goes on. The point is hot water makes me happy-er .


One thought on “Things I love # 4 – Hot water

  1. I laughed at the pressed up against the wall bit… I really love hot water too but living with J, I have v short showers at Serendip but lovely nice long hottish ones when abroad and being taxpayer funded (if you know what I mean). :-)… Ooh only 9 days yo go… There will be lots of things to love in NZ

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