Something’s missing

“Missing someone, they say, is self-centered. I self-center you more than ever.” ― Saša Stanišić

I’m missing somebody right now, but thats rather nice. It’s strangely reassuring – it means they matter to you and that your life is better with them in it.

It also means that if they are coming back (and unfortunately not all people you miss can come back) that you get to be reunited and thats pretty lovely – especially at an airport….. How nice is it to sit and watch people who actually get out of their car, pay the parking (maybe you can put a price on love 😉 and meet people at the gate at an airport these days? Back before mobile phones, you couldn’t coordinate a quick pick up and dash before the grumpy park and ride attendant came and got you with zero weapons or power just their threateningly scary look… so you had to go greet them. These days, its only the people who are really so excited to see the person arriving… they were longing for this day so much they couldn’t sleep last night… 

So, its that lovely silver lining thing again. It’s sometimes nice to miss somebody. To be reminded how much you care about them. To treat their presence like a gift. 

It’s also nice to be told that somebody misses you. I have a very dear friend who out of the blue, just tells me she misses me. It’s the most wonderful thing for one’s ego. To be a person who is missed by somebody. It makes you feel like you matter to somebody, that if you disappeared of the face of the earth, somebody would care – how great is that?

I have wondered on occasion though who misses who more – the person who leaves, or the person who is left behind?


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