Things I Love # 3 – being at work when its raining

Yes – I know what you are going to say – Rainy days are made for being in bed as much as toast is made for vegimite and butter…. BUT hear me out. Yes its a struggle to get out of bed, but thats tough EVERY day for me, so once I am up and out of bed and the pain of the morning has passed, I have somehow made it to work, I realise I might as well be at work when its raining than wasting a beautiful sunny day! You can make yourself a cup of coffee and settle in and actually concentrate properly – without sitting there wishing you were at the beach..

You might say that this is all well and good if you have an office to sit in nice and toasty and dry… but thats only me half the time… I’ve had my share of being drenched in rain because of my work and I still love it 🙂

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine” ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo


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