Things I love – entry #2


I think I could have a whole blog about how much I love breakfast. I’ve loved breakfast for as long as I can remember. As a tiny little 20kg primary school-er I would try and eat as many weet-bix as I could – it could have been a dream, but I am pretty sure I got to 12 once. Mum wasnt impressed, because I used up most of her milk.

It could be because I’m not the best morning person getting around, combined with my love of food and my general dislike for planning, that breakfast saves me every day – things seem so much clearer after its over.  Take this morning for example. I wake up, no reason to get out of bed.. so I hang about thinking about what I could do on  this particularly stunning day on the Gold Coast. So I (eventually) start thinking I need some breakfast (can I emphasise the word NEED – breakfast is not optional in my world). I decide its sunny, so I will hop on my bike and pedal to the nearest cafe – Koncubine Espresso Bar. Lucky its lovely and there is a perfect little position in the sun  where I can have a nice big coffee, some breakfast and ponder the rest of the day. I order and by the time my big wonderful mug of delicious merlo coffee arrives I’ve started blogging – success I’ve officially started my day.

My breakfast arrives and my happiness barometer goes through the roof. Here I am with my bike, in the sunshine, with coffee and yummy breakfast – I’m considering myself to be the happiest person here (and with a number of runners who just finished the GC Marathon that is a tough competition).Image

What do I love more than breakfast?

♥  Going out for breakfast. Particularly with loved ones. Its like a bonus time – you have the whole day left to use after catching up.

♥ Leftovers for breakfast – especially savory mince and my grandma’s corned beef fritters.

♥ People who eat non-breakfast foods at breakfast time – especially my work colleague who has fish and mash and curry and all sorts of facinating things – no food is off limits to her in the mornings

♥ Breakfast for dinner – at Serendip (more to come on this in later posts) when we have catch-and-kill dinner – I am in heaven because I can have breakfast for dinner.

Is it time for lunch yet 😉


5 thoughts on “Things I love – entry #2

  1. Where is B?At work? You didn’ say what you were eating? I thought maybe Benedict but then I saw avocado? Tell me everything about what you ate! I am FBing you a photo of a YouTube clip of the best breakfast ever apparently – corned beef hash at Byways cafe in Portland Oregon… If you think it looks fab, I’ll make it for us… Check it out.. Thanks for mentioning Serendip and Gran xxx

  2. yep, B is at work, busy boy saving lives 🙂 I had like a breakfast bruchetta – tomato, avo, spinach and poached egg – delicious! It would be better if it was on one of Grans fritters 🙂 Will check out the vid now!

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