Things I love # 4 – Hot water

They say ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ OR slightly closer to my heart right now, the wise words of Diesel ‘you never miss your water till you’re dry’. Yep – I am absolutely loving hot water right now, because I got none….

So, I found a very un-credible quote saying that nearly half the worlds population doesn’t even have access to clean drinking water at all and here I am complaining about a few days where HOT water doesn’t magically appear from my tap.  But all I can say is, you should never underestimate how real your own world is… and when I stepped into the shower yesterday morning, mid winter (yes even in Brissy it would have been <10 degrees) those little droplets of water felt like tiny icicles on my skin – it was VERY real.

First I tried standing pressed up against the shower wall and splashing the  evil little icicles on me – I even attempted washing my hair – not so successfully (especially if you are to ask anybody I came across that morning – not a pretty sight) After this I have gone to alot of trouble not to have to relive this moment – including driving an hour to B’s house to have a shower last night and I’m seriously considering heading to the gym for an early morning workout, just to enjoy a hot shower (even a communal hot shower is better than no hot shower!)…. so this for anybody who knows what a terrible morning person I am – is a huge deal.

So, its making me appreciate how lovely it is to have a lovely warm hot shower and that I am lucky to have been born in the half of the world that has both clean water and hot water (most of the time). A hot shower fixes everything – tiredness, coldness, dirty-ness, sickness, hungover-ness… the list goes on. The point is hot water makes me happy-er .


The Corner store and the Circus.

Wow – what a weekend that was. A long weekend to be precise (and yes it did include a cocktail named that too).

B took me to the circus. Not just any circus though, THE circus – Circ de Soleil! Ovo to be precise. And it was amazing. a very sweet little number about bugs, complete with many gymnasts doing interesting things with fake kiwi fruit and men walking up the walls. Like I said – AMAZING. Even after a few cocktails at Byblos Bar Hamilton. Their number is all about interesting cocktails, complete with rasberries, blueberries, Mt Tamborine lavender liqueur, Green Fairy Absinthe, rose petals and other amazing beverages (their full cocktail menu is on their website too!). Then, we found our way down to the tent.


So, after all that excitement, its very lucky that B and I had this morning off to recover. We trotted off to a new (to us – old to you perhaps) breakfast haunt – The Corner Store Cafe. This place was busy, even on a  chilly Brisbane Monday morning. Its a lovely little outdoor dining area – very modern and clean and white and cute – so far all the things I like in a breakfast place. It was complete with many middle class diners, a few uni students and a very delicious looking menu. Although there was many worthy options, there was no choice but to order the Corned Beef Hash. If I could break one writers rule (and I promise I will break many more in the future) I would re-use an already over-used word in this blog  – AMAZING.


It was as good as it looks – possibly even better. BUT it beat me – just.Image

No surprises, after all that – I’m off to the gym now.

Happy Monday 🙂

Finding things in your food

No, I’m not talking about strange long blonde hairs when you are a brunette, or even worse – a short dark curly one! I’m talking about images an things in your food. Like ferns or puppy dog faces in your coffee, or smiley faces of tomato sauce on your pie. Lovely every day things that make you smile.

I was reminded of this today when I found a love heart in my sushi. A big delicious love heart 🙂


Have you found anything interesting in your food lately?

Something’s missing

“Missing someone, they say, is self-centered. I self-center you more than ever.” ― Saša Stanišić

I’m missing somebody right now, but thats rather nice. It’s strangely reassuring – it means they matter to you and that your life is better with them in it.

It also means that if they are coming back (and unfortunately not all people you miss can come back) that you get to be reunited and thats pretty lovely – especially at an airport….. How nice is it to sit and watch people who actually get out of their car, pay the parking (maybe you can put a price on love 😉 and meet people at the gate at an airport these days? Back before mobile phones, you couldn’t coordinate a quick pick up and dash before the grumpy park and ride attendant came and got you with zero weapons or power just their threateningly scary look… so you had to go greet them. These days, its only the people who are really so excited to see the person arriving… they were longing for this day so much they couldn’t sleep last night… 

So, its that lovely silver lining thing again. It’s sometimes nice to miss somebody. To be reminded how much you care about them. To treat their presence like a gift. 

It’s also nice to be told that somebody misses you. I have a very dear friend who out of the blue, just tells me she misses me. It’s the most wonderful thing for one’s ego. To be a person who is missed by somebody. It makes you feel like you matter to somebody, that if you disappeared of the face of the earth, somebody would care – how great is that?

I have wondered on occasion though who misses who more – the person who leaves, or the person who is left behind?

Things I Love # 3 – being at work when its raining

Yes – I know what you are going to say – Rainy days are made for being in bed as much as toast is made for vegimite and butter…. BUT hear me out. Yes its a struggle to get out of bed, but thats tough EVERY day for me, so once I am up and out of bed and the pain of the morning has passed, I have somehow made it to work, I realise I might as well be at work when its raining than wasting a beautiful sunny day! You can make yourself a cup of coffee and settle in and actually concentrate properly – without sitting there wishing you were at the beach..

You might say that this is all well and good if you have an office to sit in nice and toasty and dry… but thats only me half the time… I’ve had my share of being drenched in rain because of my work and I still love it 🙂

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine” ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo

Things I love – entry #2


I think I could have a whole blog about how much I love breakfast. I’ve loved breakfast for as long as I can remember. As a tiny little 20kg primary school-er I would try and eat as many weet-bix as I could – it could have been a dream, but I am pretty sure I got to 12 once. Mum wasnt impressed, because I used up most of her milk.

It could be because I’m not the best morning person getting around, combined with my love of food and my general dislike for planning, that breakfast saves me every day – things seem so much clearer after its over.  Take this morning for example. I wake up, no reason to get out of bed.. so I hang about thinking about what I could do on  this particularly stunning day on the Gold Coast. So I (eventually) start thinking I need some breakfast (can I emphasise the word NEED – breakfast is not optional in my world). I decide its sunny, so I will hop on my bike and pedal to the nearest cafe – Koncubine Espresso Bar. Lucky its lovely and there is a perfect little position in the sun  where I can have a nice big coffee, some breakfast and ponder the rest of the day. I order and by the time my big wonderful mug of delicious merlo coffee arrives I’ve started blogging – success I’ve officially started my day.

My breakfast arrives and my happiness barometer goes through the roof. Here I am with my bike, in the sunshine, with coffee and yummy breakfast – I’m considering myself to be the happiest person here (and with a number of runners who just finished the GC Marathon that is a tough competition).Image

What do I love more than breakfast?

♥  Going out for breakfast. Particularly with loved ones. Its like a bonus time – you have the whole day left to use after catching up.

♥ Leftovers for breakfast – especially savory mince and my grandma’s corned beef fritters.

♥ People who eat non-breakfast foods at breakfast time – especially my work colleague who has fish and mash and curry and all sorts of facinating things – no food is off limits to her in the mornings

♥ Breakfast for dinner – at Serendip (more to come on this in later posts) when we have catch-and-kill dinner – I am in heaven because I can have breakfast for dinner.

Is it time for lunch yet 😉